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New 1-Click Software Tells

Hackers & Bots To Piss Off And

Get Away From Your Site

The perfect solution to protecting your Wordpress sites forever!

  One Click Software

  Gets Rid Of Hackers & Bots

  No Tech Skills Required

  Very Push Button

  100% Newbie Friendly

Never Again Do You Have To Worry About
Wordpress Hackers & Bots!


"I'm in."

"Alright time to do some damage.”

Yours truly,

-Mr. Hacker On Your Wordpress Site


Do you really want this hacker to get into your site like that?

Do you really want to risk losing all of your hard work?

Of course you don't.

No one does.

So why does this happen so often? How are hackers so sneaky?



Bots attack your site over and over, without you even knowing it.

And once they attack your site enough, your site crashes.

And once it's crashed, it's easy access for a hacker to sneak in.

Most Wordpress users don't know this. And they are in a VERY vulnerable state with their sites.

And we noticed that this is a BIG problem.

And we set out to fix it.

So we put our development team to work.

And we finally came up with the ULTIMATE "push button" solution...

Now hackers will run the other way - yes, literally.

  1-Click Software

  Avoids Disaster

  Simple To Use

  Hacker & Bot Proof


Now You Can Sleep At Night Knowing Your Sites Are Safe

  What would it feel like to know your site(s) are safe and secure? (once and for all)

  What would it feel like to be 100% certain all your hard work will NOT get lost or stolen?

  Why waste time learning a bunch of complicated software when you can do the exact same job in one click?

  Imagine being able to finally sleep at night knowing your site(s) are in good hands...

  What if you could block out 99% of Wordpress bots and hackers forever? (Now you can!)

No More Worrying About Hackers & Bots

  No more risk of losing your site and all your hard work.

   No need to setup a bunch of complicated security measures to protect your site.

  No more worrying about hackers ever again.

   No hair-yanking tech skills required with WP BotBlocker (Simply install it and you're DONE.)

  No need to make any HUGE investments (of both time and money).

   And no complicated training material that has you wondering what to do next.

WP Bot Blocker Is Easy As 1-2-3!

One Click Software

Other software out there claims to be "1-click software" when it's really not. WP Bot Blocker on the other hand truly is 1-click software. Literally click just ONE button (the 'Activate' button), and you'll be off to the races.

Works With Wordpress

This software is fully compatible with your Wordpress site(s). It's easy to install and doesn't require any special configuration.

Automated Bot Protection

Never again do you have to worry about bot and hacker attacks on your site. Let the power (and simplicity) of WP BotBlocker work for you on complete auto-pilot!

Step By Step Training Included

The training that we're including with this software is very step by step and over the shoulder. That way you aren't scratching your head wondering what to do next..

Extremely Hacker Proof

Hackers won't bother messing with your site when they see that their bots are NO MATCH for WP BotBlocker. Hackers will look elsewhere (for lower hanging fruit).

100% Newbie Friendly

We really built this plugin with the intention of allowing anyone (yes, anyone) to protect their site with ease. Because no one deserves to lose their hard work to hackers. Ever.

Exactly What You Get With WP Bot Blocker

The WP Bot Blocker Software (VALUE: $97)
Now you can finally:

   Protect your Wordpress site(s) from pesky hackers with ONE single click!

   Defend against repetitive bot attacks on complete auto-pilot.

   Focus on more important tasks instead of wondering if your sites are safe.

   Kick bot and hacker attacks to the wayside - for good.

Use other out-dated methods and software to protect your site can take hours (if not days) to learn. But with WP Bot Blocker, it takes just ONE click. You can imagine how much time can be saved when using this on multiple sites.

Over The Shoulder Training/Installation Video (VALUE: $27)
In this step-by-step video, we'll walk you through exactly how to install WP Bot Blocker onto your website.

It's almost as if you're in the room looking right over our shoulder. We walk you through not only how to install it, but also how to get the very most out of the WP Bot Blocker.

After watching this video, you'll be up and running within minutes.


FAST ACTION BONUS #1 - WP Facebook Link Post (VALUE: $47)
One of the biggest problems with using your images for traffic is that you can not click on images to leave Facebook from your images Banner. Facebook Link Post Solves this problem for you!

This is launching later on next month you can have it today!

FAST ACTION BONUS #2 - Multiple Themes Plugin (VALUE: $47)
This plugin allows you to have multiple active WordPress themes running on your blog at the same time! It also comes with FULL developer rights AND white label right! All the promo material you need is included. So not only can you use this plugin on your own sites, but you can also sell it as your own and keep 100% of the profits!

NOTE: This bonus is available only for those that move FAST on this offer. We will be removing it soon (from both this page and the members area). So if you come back to this page and the bonus isn't here, then that means it's been already been removed - sorry!

Total Value Of This Incredible Deal: $218

+ Many Great SURPRISE Bonuses As Well
In Our Exclusive Member's Area!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Get WP Bot Blocker Today For Only $47 - Just $37 during launch!


One Website LICENCE 

WP Bot Blocker 1 Site Licence

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Is this really newbie friendly?
Yes! We built this so that our grandparents could use it. Literally all you have to do is install it and then click ONE button and WP Bot Blocker will protect your site from hackers and bots. And just in case you run into ANY problems, we have step by step training videos to guide you every step of the way.

Q: Are there any OTOs / upsells?
After ordering we do have a couple special offers for our awesome customers :) Just like any upsell, these purchases are optional but they definitely help take things to the NEXT level.

Q: What license rights do I have to this software?
For this offer on this page, you're getting personal use rights only. This means you can use this plugin for any and ALL of your own sites when you buy the Unlimited Site License.

Q: Does this work on Mac and PC?
Yes! Since this is a Wordpress plugin, this will work on ANY computer really :)

Q: Do you walk me through how to install and USE this software to its full capability?
Yes absolutely! We have included over-the-shoulder video training for you so that can easily install this software and start taking advantage of its "push button" awesomeness ;)

Q: Do I need to do tech stuff to make this work? (coding, etc)
Absolutely not. We built this so you wouldn't have to deal with any of that tech mumbo jumbo.

Q: Will too many people start using this?
We certainly hope so! Because the more people that use this, the more people that will be protected :) And the more frustrated hackers there will be - which is great!

What types of sites can I use this on?
WP Bot Blocker works for ANY type of site: Amazon niche sites, Facebook sites, offline/local business sites, Adsense sites, affiliate review sites, sites for your own products, etc.

One Website LICENCE 

WP Bot Blocker 1 Site Licence

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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